In The Cliff Photography Studios | About


My name is Julie Pomykal, I've lived in Oak Cliff with my little family of 3 since 2008 in a beautiful Historical Neighborhood.  I've always loved old house....the history, the stories, the incredible craftsmanship and all the creaks and cracks that come with it.  Our current home has filled my heart with renewed passion to finally open the studio i've always thought i would have.  I started off dabbling in Photography, moved onto photographing Events and then Children.  After doing that for a while and juggling a full time job I realized it was time to actually do what I love, I quit my full time job to become a freelance photographer as well as a Medical Photographer.  My family and I are avid Campers and Sailors; during our free time that is exactly what you can find us doing.  We also are heavily involved in our sons school & our neighborhood.


I am very excited to open a studio to focus mostly on Children's Photography, including Newborns!  It's something I've always wanted and it's something I am finally doing!  I photograph using Natural and Studio light to create classic photography.


History and Special Training

For the last 4.5 years I have worked as a Pediatric Cranio-Facial Medical Photographer.  Almost everyone asks me "How in the World did you fall into that line of work".  The answer is typically long winded but it has always come down to one simple answer.  I have adored children for as long as I can remember.  I adore ever tiny blessing that I am lucky enough to meet & interact with and for me to become a Medical Photographer for Children - it exceeded everything I ever thing I ever thought I would accomplish in life.  I am so proud to say that working with these children has enlightened my life and provided me with a profound respect for the families going through even the slightest of heart ache for their child. I am trained heavily to work with Children with all types of backgrounds, disabilities, anomalies, deformities and syndromes.  

Over the last several years I have learned that parents are worrisome to approach a photographer because they fear the photographer may not understand what is going on with their child.  I am comfortable in any environment and have the utmost respect for the families with children who have certain diagnosis.